wemore is one of the India’s best reselling apps

Placing Order

Is there a minimum quantity to buy any product or can I also buy a single product ? 
Do I have to check the product's availability before I place an order ?  
What is the process of placing the order in bulk? 
What if I want to place an order for a product that is already out of stock? 
How to change the address after placing an order? 
Do we get any Discounts?
Does wemore provide a review of suppliers?

Placing Order and Payment

Can I block the order and make a payment later ? 
What are the different methods of making payments ?
How to place an order for the COD payment method ?
How can I place an order for online payment ?
Does wemore share its name, link, or product's price in the message that I share with my customers?
How to check the confirmation of the order ?
Can I pick up the shipment from wemore's office or hub ?

Cash On Delivery

What to do when I cannot place an order using the COD method? 
How much money do I have to pay for opting for COD ?
Is there any limitation when we place a COD order ?

Track Shipment

Do you provide international shipping ?  
How can I calculate the shipping charges ?   
How can I track the shipping procedure of order ? 
Am I supposed to specify or change the delivery dates ?
How much time will it take for shipment ?
What to do if a customer is not available during the delivery ?
 What happens if a customer is not ready to accept the product during delivery ?