5 Best Practices to be a #CustomerFriendlyReseller on wemore

"In the reselling business, you get to meet numerous customers with different mindsets. Hence, being 'real, friendly, active, engaging, and smart' are the best ways to interact with them. This approach certainly gets you more customers,"

says Neha, our pro-reseller.

Neha, who currently resells a minimum of 20 products a day, has managed to build a large network of 300 customers. She took some time out for us to share the best practices of dealing with customers in reselling.

1. WHY is it important to be transparent?

"Transparency is the key to building rapport and trust with parties involved in a relationship. When it comes to business where transactions are involved, being real and transparent helps you build a strong and long-lasting relationship with your customers"


• Be open to your customer’s queries and concerns.

• When you share the catalogue or when your customers inquire, share COD, return and refund policy with them.

• Give them the utmost assurance that you are there for them if things go wrong.

2. WHY is it important to be friendly?

"When you are friendly, your customers find you more approachable. They don't hesitate to ask any queries. Good communication between a buyer and reseller improves the relationships as well as the business."


• While talking to a customer, use a friendly tone.

• Suggest them products when they feel confused.

• Talk about the offers, and ask their feedback when products are delivered.

3. WHY is it important to be active?

"Being active adds up to credibility and helps you improve your selling strategy. It also gives you a professional outlook."


• Keep checking the most trending products and share them with your network.

• Keep track of active users and inactive users in the group.

• Convert inactive users to active users by messaging them personally and finding out what kind of products they prefer to buy.

• Set targets for you regularly.

4. WHY is it important to be engaging?

"Talking to your customers is an essential part of the business. Keeping in touch with them constantly helps you improve your business and strengthens your relationship with customers. The more you are involved, the more likely you are to come up with better plans and tricks for reselling."


• Don’t let your group stay inactive.

• Keep sharing products and come up with offers every day.

• Try understanding your customer’s requirements.

• Respond to their queries on time.

I hope you found these tips from Neha helpful. #happyreselling #resellwithwemore