5 Common #ResellingMistakes to Avoid Completely

Have you just started reselling and wondering what is stopping you from earning profits? Below are a few common #ResellingMistakes and the ways that you can avoid them.

1. Margin and Pricing:

Mistake #1: Have you been setting really high margins for your customers?

Suggestions -

• Customers will always look for good products which can align their budget and quality. Set margins according to the price of the product.

• Try "margin-free" sale for the first customer as this gives your customer an opportunity to come back to you.

• Try to add smaller margin's in the beginning and reach out to more customers rather than adding high margins and reaching out to fewer customers.

2. Customer Engagement:

Mistake #2: Are you finding it tough to engage with your customers?

Suggestions -

• Always try to play smart in terms of engagement, as it is the heart of reselling. Try to set smart templates using WhatsApp Business, so that you can respond to your customers as quick as possible.

• Ask for the available and convenient time of your customers and set reminders to engage with them at that particular time.

• If they are not available at the moment as discussed earlier. Leave a message to remind them about their inquiry.

3. Wrong Target Audience:

Mistake #3: Are you tired of waiting for the customer queries?


• Be sensible while selling the products. Get to know the age, gender, and interests of your customers before you reach out to them. Share relevant products to your customers.

• Try using location feature in FB marketplace or Instagram when you share your products as it’s easy to target local audience.

• Always select FB groups that seem to be very active because there is a high chance that your customers will have a look at the products as soon as you share in these groups.

• Try to share different catalogues across multiple groups and watch out for different results. Remember to choose the most productive catalogues among them.

Mistake #4: Do you have angry customers to deal with?


It often happens that customers get annoyed when there is a mistake in the selling process.

• In such case, first understand their concerns and allow them to narrate their issues.

• Try to be more attentive and offer various solutions for the problem they are facing.

• When there is no solution, ask them for some time to solve the issue and get back to them as soon as possible.

Mistake #5: Are you choosing the right products?


• Look for products and suppliers that have better reseller rating in the market.

• Acknowledge all the trends and select the products accordingly.

• Select product that caters to the need of the type of customers you want to share.

We hope these suggestions help you resell better.#HappyReselling