Looking for a 100% Safe Reselling Experience? - Check Out 'wemore'

You must have heard about reselling with wemore and how to earn some extra money. You may be interested, but doubtful to start one because of safety issues. Worry not! We have listed down some pointers to help you make a safe decision.

Here is how wemore has solved the problems and doubts of resellers

1. Why wemore gives importance to safe payment transactions?

Ramya is new to the reselling world. She is confused about what will happen to her credentials when she gives her bank details. Are you like Ramya, still confused and worried?

We understand that you don’t feel safe and think twice before sharing your bank account information. Now, say good-bye to your worry because wemore offers utmost security to all your confidential data by using the best transaction payment methods such as card payment (Visa, MasterCard, Rupay, Meastro), netbanking (for all Indian banks), wallet (freecharge and PayZapp) and UPI (PhonePay, Google Pay etc.).

2. Why wemore finds quality products important?

Suraj has been reselling for quite a while. But, he is worried now. He is losing his customers due to the decline in the quality of products. Are you just like Suraj, feeling worried about losing customers due to quality? wemore has a solution for you.

"At wemore, we source all the products from trusted suppliers. We have a system in place where we carefully review all the supplier profiles. Before we approve any product from a supplier, we make sure that the product meets the standard. We also rate our suppliers based on product quality, returns rate and many other factors" says our Category Manager Ranganath Kuppur.

So, when you are sharing products next time, know that you are sharing the best products coming from the best suppliers.

3. Why wemore understands easy returns are very helpful for resellers?

Manjunatha is a reseller who has been reselling for about a year. Recently, he has been facing issues with quality and having a lot of return requests. But, it looks like the return procedure is complicated and time-consuming. Are you facing the same problem as Manjunatha ? We got your back!

At wemore, you can easily return the product by just raising a return request. wemore collects the product and returns the amount within 7 working days. Our friendly return policies will definitely help you make your customers safe and happy. Click here to know more about our return policies.

4. Why wemore customer support is your go-to place?

Divya is another new reseller who needs assistance and she knows where to go and whom to contact. She has her leads, but she needs some help. Are you also in need of some help to begin your reselling? Here is what wemore suggests you do!

Whether you are a new or an experienced reseller, wemore support is there for you. If you face any difficulty or have any query, wemore customer support is always ready to help solve your problems just over a phone call.

wemore's friendly customer support team is at your service from 10am to 7pm (Monday to Saturday). You can either mail your problems to our customer support team or contact them directly. You can also check our website to know more about getting in touch with the customer support team.

5. Why wemore values your time and margin?

Rani is so eagerly waiting to receive her first margin after making her first order to her first customer. But, to her surprise, she has not received her margin on the expected date and it is getting delayed. She is quite worried. Are you also facing the same issue? wemore will never let you down.

We know that margin is the best part of reselling because margin is your profit and for many resellers, that is like their first salary. wemore assures that you get your "profit" on time. If you are reselling with us then expect your amount on 10th, 20th and 30th of the month without any delay.

Just like Ramya, Suraj, Manjunatha, Divya and Rani feel happy and safe with wemore's secure payment method, quality products, easy returns, and friendly customer support and on-time margin.

We assure you, we have you covered.

What are you still waiting for? #HappyReselling #ResellMore