It Takes Two Hours to Earn and be an Entrepreneur #LifeOfReseller

Hats off to all who are working full-time and reselling at the same time! We know you are working towards your dream to become an entrepreneur and also make extra income.

At wemore, we were very curious to know how resellers are efficiently managing home, office as well as reselling. We spoke to a few resellers; this is what they had to say.

1. "I resell while I travel to work," says one of the resellers.

How do you do that?

"Generally, most of the time I travel to work for at least an hour or two. So, I decided to make my cab/bus time to browse through products in wemore and share it on Facebook and Whatsapp."

That's awesome! What about taking inquiries?

"As I share catalogs in the morning, I either get back during my break time or while I travel back home in the evening. My customers are aware of the time I am available, so they don’t wait for my response throughout the day. They send queries only at the given time. This gives a professional outlook as well as keeps customers informed about my availability."

2. "I resell during my lunch break."

How do you manage in such a short time?

"I get at least 45 mins out of the 1 hour during lunch. I finish up lunch as soon as possible and then chat, and interact, with my customers.

I usually browse catalogs the previous night and get everything ready to be shared across Facebook. Morning I spare 10 mins sharing the catalogs I browsed. Lunchtime is for me to spend time talking to my customers. I talk to at least three customers and help them place an order."

3. "Bedtime is my time to resell."

Oh, when exactly do you start then?

"I dedicate 2 hours to check inquiries that are left unattended and browse through some products on wemore when it's almost the bedtime. Sometimes, I experiment with sharing certain products in the midnight to see if it picks up in the morning. But, mostly, I keep it limited to engaging with customers and browsing. This way, it is easy for me to divide and spend time for reselling. I also set my targets like placing minimum 3 to 4 orders in a day.

4. "Dedicate my weekends to grow my business"

How difficult is it to work even on weekends?

"Weekends are the best time. Most of my customers would be free and have more time to go through the products I share. Plus, weekends would also my leisure time; I am dedicated and available to inquiries.

Having said that, weekend is the only time for me to rest. I take breaks in between, but I make sure to get my customer feedback, plan my entire week, and also share more products to ensure I get more inquiries. I still make sure I don't take more than 10 inquiries per day. That way, I don't happen to drain my energy. Being smart in managing time is very important."

We had a great time knowing how resellers take some time out for reselling. It is definitely not so easy, but it becomes feasible when you plan everything ahead.

When asked about a specific time to share products, one of the resellers said, "For me, weekends (from Thursday to Saturday) I get a lot of enquiries, so I come up with more offers and share more on these days."

Your dream to be an entrepreneur can be achieved when you plan efficiently. The above are the testament from the resellers themselves.#HappyReselling #ResellMoretoGrowMore