Check your eligibility score to resell with wemore - the reselling app

With the increasing usage of smartphones and everyone is having at least one social media account; social commerce / reselling seems to be soaring higher. So, what is reselling?

Given the opportunity, anyone who would want to invest time and energy and not money can definitely see themselves growing massive in this field.

Do you know how to go about it? Check link

Eligibility Criteria

1. You should have a smartphone/tablet

2. You should be having either whatsapp, Facebook or instagram account

3. You should be having 'wemore' reselling app Google play store

4. Know how to browse wemore Click link

5. Know how to share on whatsApp, Facebook or Instagram

6. Know how to create groups on whatsApp

7. Know how to find and join Facebook groups

8. Know how to use Instagram story and post

7. Know how to find and join Facebook groups

9. Know how to set margin on wemore app Click link

10. Know how to place an order on wemore app

What is your score?

If it is 10 on 10, you are perfectly eligible to become an entrepreneur right away and if you are above 5, you still have a chance, make sure you finish remaining steps. If your score is less, worry not, sign in to wemore and things will fall in place.