Earn more and grow more with wemore!

In wemore journey, you must have been exploring more catalogs as well as more customers with your social selling skills. But, have you been using these 5C's to improve your customer base and earning more?

Check out the 5C's that you all must know and keep in mind while you increase your customer base


Creating groups - Have you been sending more product /catalog pictures to your customers?

TRICK: Create groups based on your customers' tastes, preferences, age, gender, location, and this way, you can definitely share preferred catalogs with different groups.

TREAT: Decreases the number of people leaving the group and increase customer activation rates.

Catalog sharing - How do you select catalogs to share?

TRICK: Entice your customers by flaunting your profile picture with any product that you want to share with your customers. You can also change your group dp/icon frequently for your customers to inquire.

TREAT: Builds curiosity and increases the number of customer enquiries.

Customer understanding - How do you know when to sell and what to sell to your customers?

TRICK: Pick products that have good ratings; create some creative offers where your customers receive a gift of their choice in 100 etc. Don't force customers with catalogs, but show what they want to see.

Treat: Improve customer loyalty and repeat purchase from you.

Cost/Profit: How have you been setting your margin?

Trick: Margin is the most crucial factor. While setting the margin, make sure you set in such a way that it satisfies both your customer and you. The best way is to share 5 similar products at 5 different prices. Eg. Liquid lipstick in 100 to 1000 range.

Treat: Increases trust and customers will love to shop from you for the choices you have.

Creating urgency: How long does your offer run? Have you tried fixing expiry date for your offers?

Trick: Urgency builds importance and increases purchase decision power. Try having urgency based offers every day for products that are under 99 or 199.

Treat: It helps you increase your immediate orders and gain more profit in a day.

Communicating benefits: How often do you share the benefits of shopping with you?

Trick: Every time when your customer places the order, let them know about the return policy, COD, free shipping, gifts you plan to offer, etc.

Treat: Helps build trust; customers feel safe and it increases your conversion rate.

So, do you have any more interesting tricks and treats? If yes, add them on to this cart and let's keep improving the art of selling with your entrepreneurial experiences.