Earn Up to Rs.30,000/ Month Using wemore - Reselling App!

Here is why, wemore is suitable for you!

All those who are looking to 'work from home', here is some good news for you. Have you used the wemore - Reselling app? If not, then you should, because you can start your business without investment. Yes, you heard it right.

The app is wide open to anyone who wants to earn from home. But why wemore?

Here are your answers!

1. End-to-End management

wemore is a one-stop reselling app. From Catalogues to Delivery 'wemore' helps you with a variety of options to help you:

a. Browse the products you want to sell

b. Share the products you browsed through

c. Deliver at the doorstep of your customers

2. Convenient social sharing options

With wemore, you can now easily share the products you browsed through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

3. Reseller - friendly policies

a. COD on all products: Both Indian and International!

b. Secure payment System: With 'wemore', you can give your customers options to pay you both offline and online with secure payment methods, where fraudulent is in check.

c. On-time Payment: Wemore resellers receive the amount on every 10th, 20th, and 30th of the month. Yes, there is no need to wait for your payment.

d. Extra benefits: Free delivery, cash on delivery, wholesale prices, easy return policies, and a 100% cashback guarantee.

4. Distinct collections

wemore catalog team is always in search of sourcing a variety of trending products that are in demand, so that 'YOU' have more options to show your customers.

5. 'We' Support you 'More'

a. If you are not sure about what product to resell, then our catalog team assists you in selecting the best products that reap a good amount.

b. wemore has an excellent customer care / support team in place to help resellers solve their issues. For any queries/issues, you can contact customer support team at help@wemore.in between 10 am to 7 pm business hours.

Download the app and join the wemore family today. Also, lookout for this space to know more on how to sell smartly and how to earn up to Rs. 30,000 a month by using the app full-time.

To talk to fellow resellers and know more about reselling, you can join wemore’s exclusive 'reseller-only' forum which is coming soon on wemore app.