Jyamuna Loves to Resell - Know Her Reselling Journey #wemorewonderwoman

Resellers, better called entrepreneurs at wemore have interesting stories and tips to share. As we kept hearing their stories, we thought you should know them too. Here is an interesting chat with one of our resellers, Jyamuna.

So, tell us about yourself?

"I am a housewife and have been involved in businesses that had a lot to do with networking and meeting people. Due to certain risks and reasons, I could not pursue it further. But, I was so inclined to do something that makes me feel complete. Yes, I know I am an aspiring entrepreneur. That led me to reselling and that is how I found wemore, where I can be an entrepreneur without any investment. Having said that, I feel proud to be a reseller and love to be addressed as an entrepreneur."

Can you take us through your reselling journey?

"Sure. As I said, I am a housewife. I always love to try something different to earn money. Working from home is something that every woman dreams to do. Reselling gave me an opportunity to work with flexibility, yet stay connected to people via social media platforms. I believe I have made the right choice in getting myself into reselling where I can fulfill my dream of being an entrepreneur."

When did you begin your reselling journey?

"I have been into reselling business for about 2.5 months. I mostly use WhatsApp to resell as I already have a group of around 180 people. This group of 180 people includes my friends, customers from my previous business and family members.

Networking helped me take my first step into the reselling business. Yes, I did not have to look for customers from outside my circle. So, WhatsApp has been my choice"

What tips do you have for fellow resellers?

"Firstly, Patience, honesty and constant interest to learn the social platform are the key drivers of reselling. The second thing would be to understand the business landscape, be transparent about the terms and conditions and policies with resellers. Lastly, to have an eye on price range in the market and work around the margin accordingly."

Why would you recommend wemore?

"I have been reselling using wemore for quite some time now, and I think the app is very user-friendly and offers visually appealing products. Also, in wemore, I feel that we get products at a reasonable price and good quality. One more unique thing about wemore is that the actual price of the product remains even after adding the shipping and cod charges. This way, resellers do not get confused about what price to share with the customers."

Talking to her, gave us a great sense of reselling. Her story and tips are quite interesting to listen to and we hope you enjoyed it like we did.

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