How to Get More Customers on Facebook?

Are you new to reselling business? Are you trying to get more customers after exhausting your contact? Well, you have a chance to get more customers via Facebook groups, business pages, and marketplace.

Below are a few points to help you through this process:

1. Daily Posts: If you already own a Facebook business page/group, then it’s important that you keep it active and engaging.

How to do that?

• On your page, share a product image along with its description. Remember to mention the price/offer. This will draw a customer’s attention, and they will start enquiring if interested.

• Use your page for reselling purposes only. Don’t share personal posts.

• If you have two to three line tips or advice that is worth sharing, then craft a text and upload along with a beautiful image.

• Conduct a survey or ask an interesting question on your status. You could either ask what people are looking to wear during the summers or for a wedding etc. This is an opportunity to know more about their requirements, preferences and that way you can resell products and what they need.

2. Invite your friends to the page/group: People may not be aware of your page. So make an effort to send an invitation and ask them to like your page or join your group. A page with a good number of followers is likely to create a good impression on page visitors.

How to do that?

• Use Facebook's 'Invite Friends' option.

• You can also message your friends personally to like your page.

• You can ask your friends/followers to review the page.

• Be active on your page. Keep posting images of products.

• Also, make sure you respond to each question or comment as much as possible.

3. Use the right hashtags: The # (hashtag) symbol followed by a keyword. For eg: #reselling #wemore #earnfromhome etc. This marketing technique is very much in trend today on social media platforms.

Hashtags provide greater visibility to your page and help you reach the right target audiences.

How to do that?

• Use the hashtags that are relevant to the business.

• Use more number of hashtags to drive more traffic to your site.

• For example: For reselling business, while uploading pictures, use the hashtags like #stylishdresses #onlineshopping #womendresses, etc.

4. Share videos of your customers: Videos are the most watched and consumed medium on digital platforms. So, they add credibility and give much more visibility to the products.

How to do that?

• Ask your customer to make a video of them sharing reviews on the products or their experience.

• Ask your customers to share the pictures of the product delivered.

• Ask them also to share unpacking videos of the product.

• Better, if your friends are influencers, make them your model to help you resell

I hope you found the blog helpful. Start reselling with wemore today. #Happyreselling #resellmore #resellwithwemore