Be Your Own Boss by Reselling Via wemore - the Reselling App!

Social reselling is a new approach that allows individuals to share and sell products on social media platforms. It can simply start with aiming at selling within the social circle like - friends and relatives. Later, you expand the social circle from just friends and relatives to more customers by sharing more across public forums/groups on social media sites.

wemore - the reselling app allows you to resell products from various categories like women’s fashion, men’s fashion, kid’s fashion, home appliances, etc. across social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, etc.

But, how does this social reselling work?

Social Reselling works around the concept of 'margin'. Margin is the profit you are going to make by reselling.

• When your customers inquire about the price, you add your margin to the product price and share the final price with them.

• On their confirmation, you place the order of the product on their behalf.

• The margin you are going to earn will be credited to your account on the agreed date by the reselling app you choose to use.

To start reselling on wemore , follow the simple steps shown here.